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Seasonal Payments
Compensation Recovery Unit (CRU)
Microsite design & creation
Fish Export Catch Certificates solution
Debt service design for Digital Delivery for Shared Platforms (DDSP)

Debt service design for Digital Delivery for Shared Platforms (DDSP)

Digital Delivery for Shared Platforms (DDSP) evolves and transforms some of the most critical systems in the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). Scrumconnect were brought on board to support an existing team with the design and delivery of a new customer-facing service for people who have fallen into debt that will empower them to take ownership and manage their debts.

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Department for Work and Pensions (DWP)
Supporting the digital transformation of HMPPS
Make a Plea online solution

Some words about our work with
HM Passport Office

"In 2020 I awarded a contract to Scrumconnect to undertake Digital transformation of a bulk data processing product for internal government users. From commencement of the contract Scumconnect were extremely diligent and proactive in understanding the business, its operations and processes to factor into the digital delivery. They then set out a plan for the phases of development and agreed buy-in and authorisation from senior stakeholders and users. This user centred approach enables swift and effective identification of user needs within the discovery phase and what was required to undertake Alpha. This led to effective prototypes that were tested with users and clear explanation of back end development to stakeholders, explaining complex processes in a simple way so all could understand what the outcomes were. Scrumconnect are effective supplier and was great to work with them in a partnered relationship in Digital delivery."

Nathanael Percival

Head of Data Products
at HM Passport Office