Client story

Microsite design & creation

UK Export Finance (UKEF)

Situation (the challenge)

The UK Export Finance team commissioned Scrumconnect to design and deliver a new microsite. The brief called for a reworking and new understanding of the user needs, with the ultimate goal of creating an improved functioning microsite that could facilitate smoother export funding for large projects.

With constraints on imagery and no opportunities for direct user research, the Scrumconnect team adjusted their scope to work with the available resources and information. In addition, templates from the website were not fully agreed so the team adapted and added to these throughout the project.

Our activities

We mapped out the microsite service which enabled key stakeholders to gain a clear picture of the brief to ensure it was the right fit and would work for UKEF. Once agreed, the team simplified the information architecture and improved the written copy to provide users with more clarity.

“Explainer” information was added to help the microsite users to understand more about the process they were entering into. The user journey was enhanced by adding a ‘success’ page, designed to ensure the users did not feel lost within the process. Finally a new 'links' element was added to the design template.


This project resulted in a vastly improved functioning microsite for UKEF that had the features to facilitate smoother export function for larger projects. Simplified information architecture and the addition of key pages led to a much improved user experience.

Microsite design for UKEF: