Client story

20% increase in operational efficiency by Scrumconnect's Impactful Data platform and AI Implementation for a Large UK Public Sector Client that

UK Public sector client

The Challenge

Our client, a leading UK government department, manages a workstream that combats fraudulent crime, minimizes human error within the department, and ensures that citizens receive the debts owed to them as efficiently as possible. These services heavily depend on data. The major challenge they faced was the data being stored in multiple systems, leading to data silos. This fragmentation made it difficult for the client to have a holistic view of their operations and service delivery, thereby impeding their capacity for data-driven decisions and enhancements in public services. Furthermore, this data, siloed in on-prem locations across various customer programs, functioned in isolation, restricting its accessibility to both our client and other government entities.

Scrumconnect's Solution

Recognizing the need for a consolidated approach to data management, the client engaged Scrumconnect. Through close collaboration, Scrumconnect gauged the client's specific challenges and needs, and subsequently devised a strategy to dismantle the data silos, resulting in a unified data perspective.

The primary move in this direction was to establish a data pipeline capable of consolidating data from all the disparate systems of the client. This required considerable technical effort, from crafting APIs to link the systems, to setting up a data warehouse for the amalgamated data.

To build a resilient and secure data lake, Scrumconnect utilized Amazon S3, a scalable object storage service. This not only empowered the client to store and access data anytime from anywhere online but also facilitated multiple applications to draw from the same data source, eliminating redundant data transfers.

Envisioning data processing as a network of pipelines fostered a mindset that perceived individual pipelines as components of a broader architecture. Such a perspective favored the recycling and adaptation of patterns for fresh data streams, thereby hastening the integration of new data. A mutual comprehension and toolkit for data transit through analytical systems simplified planning for new data ingestion, cutting down on both time and costs.

With the pipeline operational, Scrumconnect embarked on the subsequent phase: harnessing AI to sift through the data and unearth novel value avenues. Tailored machine learning algorithms were constructed to discern patterns and tendencies within the client's data.

For instance, the utilization of AI unveiled public service usage trends. The AI identified certain services encountering elevated demands during specific periods. Armed with this knowledge, the client recalibrated their staffing, ensuring better service and shorter wait times.

Outcomes Achieved for the client

The repercussions of this initiative were substantial. The unified data perspective unveiled previously concealed insights, allowing the client to discern the interrelation between various public services and their consumption. This led to smarter resource distribution and enhanced public services.

The renewed confidence in their data quality was another win for the client. By visualizing their data streams as pipelines warranting monitoring, they bolstered data quality and minimized undetected pipeline disruptions. Moreover, from the outset, security was integral, thanks to replicable patterns and a shared toolkit understanding. Established security protocols were efficiently applied to new data streams.

For example, the client managed to slash wait times for pivotal public services by 30%, boosting public satisfaction. They also pinpointed underused resources, redirecting them where they were most needed, which translated to a 20% surge in operational efficiency. The AI-driven insights enabled the client to spot high-demand areas and recalibrate their service delivery, resulting in a 15% uptick in service accessibility.

To sum it up, this case study underscores the efficacy of Scrumconnect's methodology. By dissolving data silos, leveraging Amazon S3 for data storage, harnessing AI for data insights, and actioning these findings, the client tapped into previously unseen value sources and realized major public service enhancements. This project's tangible results spotlight the transformative power of adept data management in the public sector.