Our mission is to transform public sector services into a world-class experiences through the use of cutting-edge software

Why Scrumconnect?

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We have high performing teams.

Our industry-leading UK based consultants are specifically selected for each project.

Team members have
10+ years of experience.
Experience delivering at pace.
Demonstrable experience collaborating with cross functional teams.
A learning and mentoring mindset.
and more.

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Delivering outcomes.

We delivered over 64 services in last 24 months positively impacting 50+ million citizens and saving the tax payer over 25+ millions of pounds.

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We are community of talented and experienced consultants. We work across our teams to share knowledge and solve problems.
We come together to learn from each other so we can better serve our clients.

Our story

A group of people who work for Scrumconnect
“When I was a programme manager delivering at various clients, I saw common patterns.”

Praveen Karadiguddi

CEO & Founder

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One day, as I was deeply engrossed in a rugby match, my eyes were fixated on the scrum formation. These players, interlocking arms, collectively pushing with a singular vision: to win that scrum. Their unity, strategy, and unyielding focus was a sight to behold. It wasn't just a sport; it was a lesson in collaboration, strategy, and triumph. This fervor of the game mirrored the heart of consultancy for me. It’s about building a coherent team that's synchronized in purpose, intent on achieving a shared goal.

Much like in rugby, in the business realm, the alignment of every team member is paramount. Great teams build great products.This ethos permeates our every project. When Scrumconnect Consultancy came to be, I made sure we committed to delivery at pace, upskilling and value for money. Read more about our story here After observing common patterns as a delivery lead, I wanted to build a consultancy with some fundamental values:

  1. Find, develop and keep in-house talent. The digital skills gap is widening so by hiring the best people and treating them well; we can provide talented and reliable people time and time again.
  2. Have user-centred design, digital service transformation and  innovation at the centre of our offering.
  3. Great teams build great products.This ethos permeates our every project. By bringing together highly skilled individuals who share our philosophy and values, we craft agile teams that synergize brilliantly, driving impactful digital solutions

By committing to these key values we have been able to help our clients deliver quality services at pace.

We continuously review and improve our practices to provide the most effective services we can for all our clients.

Our stories

We work with 201 exceptionally accomplished consultants who are handpicked to bring diverse skills and talent to any team.

Praveen Karadiguddi

CEO & co-founder

I started Scrumconnect with the vision of getting talented people on board and to never compromise on the quality of our people, support our people and create an environment for them to thrive and deliver valuable outcomes for our client.

Shilpa Kaluti

CFO & Co-founder

I come from a computer science engineering background and have more than 15 years of experience. I am very excited to take up this additional responsibility of CFO at this exciting time for Scrumconnect. Ask me anything about operations and finance.

Prahlad Koti


With over 30 years of experience in the technology-based business transformation, Prahlad Koti brings a wealth of expertise in driving successful adoption of digital technology. In this new role, Prahlad Koti will be responsible for overseeing all business growth and implementing strategies to ensure continued success for our customers.

Gavin Elliott

Chief Design Officer

I focus on solving complex problems in simple ways and spend the majority of my time leading design teams, embedding good user-centred design and building the capability of designers.

Seymour Pattisson

Head of testing

An experienced test automation consultant with a proven ability to lead and manage teams and develop test frameworks in Scala, Java, NodeJS and other languages utilising Selenium WebDriver. Since 2014 he’s been fully committed to Agile processes.

Mark Duncan

Chief Digital Officer (Contract)

It’s my mission to ensure we drive user-centred solutions that deliver the right value at the right time. I’ve worked in the technology industry for more than 20 years across both the private and public sectors.

Matthew Billings

Head of business analysis

This is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to Scrumconnect, and its burgeoning community of professionals that put the customer and user needs at the heart of everything they do. Together we are building a thriving community of business analysts and product owners working across different clients in the UK.

Hiren Shah

Delivery director

Hiren is delivery director for the MOJ and ESFA accounts.

Nel Mathams

Head of user experience

I have experience working across numerous government departments including as head of UX at HMCTS, service designer, researcher / research trainer, and enterprise Agile coach. Prior to this, I was head of research for a contract publisher and an above-the-line marketing consultancy.