Client story

Transforming pension experiences

Department for Work & Pensions

The challenge

Get your State Pension (GySP) is the largest online service at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP). It lets citizens claim their State Pension online and provides a robust agent-facing service for processing claims, updating details and managing complex life changes. Our partnership with DWP aimed to create an end-to-end transformation of the entire State Pension area, benefiting both DWP and citizens. The goal was to develop a single system that could handle claims across all channels, accurately calculate and pay State Pensions and manage all 12 million citizens receiving State Pensions.

Our solution

Scrumconnect delivered an end-to-end transformation for GySP. Through our partnership, we replaced decades-old computer systems with a modern, cloud-based microservice and API-based digital service using Amazon Web Services (AWS). Key benefits include a stable solution capable of processing high volumes, the ability to rapidly iterate and enhance functionality, a safe and gradual transition from legacy systems, and alignment of all channels and communications to support citizens and agents.

Service impact

  • 80% take-up of digital claim service
  • Customer satisfaction consistently above 95%
  • Pioneered Agile working practices within DWP
  • 200+ DWP agents working on GySP back-end case management system

Collaboration and innovation

Scrumconnect's team consisted of product owners, business analysts, user researchers, interaction designers, content designers, front-end and back-end developers and QA testers. We pushed boundaries, used GDS standards and ensured excellent levels of automation for processing and changing claims. Our content design skills helped rewrite and automate manual letters, resulting in significantly fewer callbacks from confused claimants.

Overcoming challenges

Throughout the project, Scrumconnect tackled various challenges, such as securing stakeholder buy-in, testing designs, strengthening the business case, communicating with citizens, replacing critical functionality at short notice and bringing agents on board with the transformation journey. Our agile approach, prioritisation and ability to build trust with stakeholders allowed us to deliver a successful service at pace.


Agent on claimant record updates in GySP: "This is really so straightforward. It's heaven compared to what we have to do on our legacy systems."

Citizen who claimed their State Pension online: "It's simple and very easy to navigate. Well thought out with elderly people in mind."

Citizen who claimed their State Pension online: "Put off submitting form as thought would be really complicated - in fact quite the opposite - very straightforward."

Outcomes and impact

We delivered user-centred design and automated straight-through processing, delivering a citizen experience that is simple, easy and available online 24/7. For DWP it is low cost, efficient and accurate, and means timely State Pension processing for 12 million citizens and paying £101bn annually. The service takes 80% of claims online and 66% are automatically processed straight-through to citizens. We have streamlined the claiming process, improved agent efficiency and provided a better experience for millions of citizens claiming their State Pensions.

We won two awards:

UKIT award for Best Public Sector IT Project of the Year

UK Civil service awards for Civil Service 2021 - ‘The Digital, Data and Technology Award