Client story

Rapid high quality scaling and a cost effective partnership


Cora's a global leader in SaaS project management, backed by a team of 125 IT experts and added resourcing partnerships in Croatia and Poland. They're beginning to zero in on new markets in Aerospace/Defence and Oil & Gas, upgrading from .NET to react.js. Big names like Honeywell, Northrup Grumman, and Roche trust Cora for their key projects.

Client challenge:

Cora aimed to boost their existing IT capacity quickly and cost effectively, eyeing up a strategic partnership to grow by about 60 FTE. Scrumconnect shone with our track record of rapid scaling, best-in-class deliveries, and exceptional value.

Scrumconnect impact:

Scrumconnect quickly assembled and deployed an initial team of 11 experts in under 3 weeks, supercharging Cora's feature delivery. With a mix of onsite and offshore resources, we tailored a highly capable team. We synced with Cora's hybrid work style, being in-office twice weekly for seamless collaboration. Daily stand-ups, ad-hoc sessions, and monthly meetings kept feedback flowing and issues resolved promptly. Our team onboarded rapidly, hitting expected productivity levels within a couple of weeks.

Future outlook:

Building on their success and trust in Scrumconnect, Cora expanded our collaboration, adding 21 more people to augment testing and automation and maintain productivity during leave. Original team members became so familiar with Coras platform that some shifted to feature development, enhancing Cora's main product. Scrumconnect also launched training programs to up-skill Coras workforce in testing and automation, aligning to their Cora's long-term growth goals.

Looking forward, plans are to boost capacity even further because Scrumconnect seamlessly integrates with Cora, who are leveraging our expertise and agile methods. Cora aims to use this to their advantage and sustain growth and delivery of  top-notch value to their clients in Aerospace/Defence and Oil & Gas.