The Origin of the name Scrumconnect Consulting: Beyond The name and into our DNA

The Origin of the name Scrumconnect Consulting: Beyond The name and into our DNA

Every time I'm asked, "So, Scrumconnect Consulting is all about Scrum training, right?" I find myself chuckling. The assumption might seem fitting, but today, I wish to share the real story, my inspiration, and the spirit that drives Scrumconnect Consulting, right here on LinkedIn.

One day, as I was deeply engrossed in a rugby match, my eyes were fixated on the scrum formation. These players, interlocking arms, collectively pushing with a singular vision: to win that scrum. Their unity, strategy, and unyielding focus was a sight to behold. It wasn't just a sport; it was a lesson in collaboration, strategy, and triumph.

This fervor of the game mirrored the heart of consultancy for me. It’s about building a coherent team that's synchronized in purpose, intent on achieving a shared goal. Much like in rugby, in the business realm, the alignment of every team member is paramount. A single misaligned step can redefine the outcome.

However, Scrumconnect Consulting isn't just about cohesion; it’s about *meticulous selection*. We don't just form teams; we curate them. We hand-pick the best, ensuring every individual is a perfect fit for a specific project. Many firms grapple with creating high-performing units. At Scrumconnect, this selection process is paramount. Our belief? **Great teams build great products.** This ethos permeates our every project. By bringing together highly skilled individuals who share our philosophy and values, we craft agile teams that synergize brilliantly, driving impactful digital solutions.

The term "Scrum" in tech signifies agility, adaptability, and continuous progress. A resonance so strong with my vision for Scrumconnect Consulting: to be agile yet steadfast, transformative yet grounded.

With the roaring energy of that rugby game as my backdrop, the essence of "Scrumconnect Consulting" took shape. It stands not just as a testament to the teamwork in rugby but as a pledge to our tech agility and our hand-picked team’s commitment.

Setting the myth straight: We aren't a Scrum training company. Our DNA is woven with the threads of **implementation, unparalleled value delivery, and team dynamism**. We tailor our strategies, ensuring we harness the best-suited delivery processes to cater to each unique scenario, always with the client at the heart of our mission.

Marrying the essence of rugby with the dynamic world of technology, Scrumconnect Consulting stands united in purpose, ever-focused on "winning the scrum" for every client. A blend of strategy, agility, and passion, we're here to effect transformation.

I'm curious: How does your company's name reflect its ethos? How do the values and spirit behind the name drive your daily mission?