Welcoming 40 new people and our Induction

Welcoming 40 new people and our Induction

Preparing for a Dynamic Journey

Yesterday was a significant milestone in Scrumconnect's journey as we welcomed over 40 members during induction sessions at our key UK central goverment clients. But this wasn't just about formalities; these sessions were designed as dynamic, immersive experiences aimed at setting the stage for a successful, collaborative partnership with our newest team members.

The Role of Inception: Creating Shared Understanding

Communication is not always straightforward. Whether it's language barriers, unclear messaging, or competing organizational priorities, we've learned that achieving a shared understanding takes time. Our induction process aims to tackle these challenges head-on. Here, we bring mental models out into the open, merge competing ideas and priorities, and create a shared understanding that guides us moving forward.

What We Gain from Inception

Through the induction process, we develop a prioritized backlog of work for immediate implementation, define the scope of work to be delivered within an agreed timeframe, and identify risks, assumptions, issues, and dependencies. Furthermore, we establish a strategy for user testing, draft a communication plan, and create a project plan with achievable milestones. Crucially, we ensure customer agreement on all these aspects to guarantee a well-aligned approach.

Aligning Visions

In line with our commitment to open communication and shared understanding, lunch provided an ideal setting for further alignment. New and existing team members synced up on both immediate project goals and long-term aspirations, a step vital for ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Toasting to Shared Understanding 🍻

Our day concluded with drinks, serving not just as a social gathering but as an informal affirmation of our collective commitment to this new journey together. It was an acknowledgment of the shared path we've decided to embark upon.

Charting Our Course Together 💪

The Future is Collaborative

To our newest team members, welcome to a community where every perspective matters. At Scrumconnect, we value the unique skills, backgrounds, and insights that you bring to the table. This induction day marks the beginning of a collective journey that promises to be as exciting as it is rewarding. With the commitment and diversity of our newest members, the future looks brighter than ever.

Here's to many more successful collaborations and reaching incredible milestones together!