Welcomed 9 new starters to Scrumconnect team

Welcomed 9 new starters to Scrumconnect team

We welcomed 9 new starters to Scrumconnect team.

Thanks to Nel Mathams for awesome inductions during the covid time. Some of our consultants said they never had such induction in contracting life. Welcome Phil Gilbert Adegoke John MBA Sam Hardie Pablo C. @psaratkumar Rogier Beeftink Richard Hewitt

Nel our Innovations game coach and Head of UX had some awesome games to play that helped the new joiners to know each other and also helped us to know the new joinees better.

Praveen Karadiguddi our Co-founder takes time to attend every induction because he feels its is a good touch point to know new people and also good point to talk about our culture. He talked about how we are growing but keeping the quality and culture intact. I particularly liked his point around:

We’re a team, not a family.. We’re like a pro sports team, We Help Each Other To Be a Great team!

Our Head of Products Mark Duncan talked about the client and expectations and whats expected etc. All in all our goal is for the new starter to know what he/she is landing into, set the scene, know who to reach out too and also you get to know your team well.