Scrumconnect’s work for HM Passport Office

Scrumconnect’s work for HM Passport Office

Newcastle, 9 Jan 2024 – Leading product owner Nat Percival has been talking about the business-critical work Scrumconnect completed at pace for HM Passport Office.

Nat commissioned Scrumconnect to design and implement a data migration for a bulk-data processing tool that helped validate 36m annual passport applications by UK citizens.

Disparate datasets (ONS, FCDO, Crown Dependencies) were integrated with data analytics tools to interrogate the data for the HMPO DGAT Team and then update and delete 36m+ records in the HMPO AWS Terminal Repository.


In the full video, Nat sets out the five reasons why Scrumconnect were so successful on this project.

Full video transcript

“Hi, I'm Nat Percival, the owner of Blade Runner Digital Limited.

Back in 2020 I awarded Scrumconnect a contract to deliver a data processing product for Her Majesty's Passport Office.

So - what's my experience of working with Scrumconnect? And why do I think they're a great supplier?

Well, here are the highlights.

Number one: Scrumconnect already had a vast experience of delivering high-profile priority projects for government.

So what did that mean for us? Well, it meant they were able to hit the ground running and able to deliver early and effectively their prototypes and MVP. This gained buy in of their delivery from stakeholders and the business alike.

Number two: They really took time to get to know the business and the stakeholders within it.

Why is this important? Well, when they produced their product backlog and roadmap, they were able to get buy in from these quickly because of that engagement.

Number three: They really understand how to identify user needs and user-centred design and how to implement this into product delivery.

Number four: They were able to apply their experience of working with GDS products and the Design System and implement it the delivery of the product effectively.

Number five: They were able to deliver the project all the way through from Discovery all the way through to Beta within delivery and tech agreed time scales.

So would I recommend Scrumconnect?

Well, I certainly would. They are passionate, effective, efficient and provide quality data products for government.

So I'd like to thank them for all of the work that they did on my project back in 2020.”