Scrumconnect welcomes Gavin Elliott as Chief Design Officer

Scrumconnect welcomes Gavin Elliott as Chief Design Officer

We are thrilled to announce Gavin Elliott as the newest member of our leadership team, taking on the role of Chief Design Officer. Gavin's extensive experience in the design industry, coupled with his roots in Newcastle, perfectly aligns with our strategic vision of investing in talent from across the UK, particularly the North.

Gavin brings to the table over 20 years of invaluable experience in the design sector, from innovative agencies to significant roles within the public and private sectors. His notable contributions at Shopify, the UK Government Health Security Agency (HSA), and the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have showcased his ability to tackle complex issues through design. This rich background makes him the ideal candidate to lead our user-centred design initiatives.

Our CEO Praveen Karadiguddi commented on Gavin's appointment" In the era of rapid technological advancement, particularly with AI, the integration of user-centred design within multidisciplinary teams becomes is paramount to creating products that truly serve users, I have known Gavin for few years and I am excited to welcome Gavin to Scrumconnect. His design expertise and passion for user-centred design will be instrumental in growing our team."

On his appointment Gavin said "I am thrilled to join Scrumconnect Consulting as their new Chief Design Officer. Having collaborated with their leadership team since 2016, my admiration for their commitment to quality and impactful work has only grown. Scrumconnect stands out with its significant contributions to the public sector, working across various government departments. This variation offers an exciting opportunity to lead and influence design across multiple teams.
What excites me most about this role is the potential to further elevate Scrumconnect’s user-centred design, ensuring our work benefits both our clients and the citizens of the U.K. I look forward to exploring new avenues, potentially extending our reach into new departments and the private sector." 

Gavin's approach to leadership emphasizes solving complex problems with simple, strategic solutions. His dedication to fostering a culture of user-centred design and guiding design teams on their professional journeys is commendable. Furthermore, Gavin's origin from Newcastle highlights our commitment to investing in talent from the North, reinforcing our belief in the regional diversity of skills and perspectives.

Aside from his leadership roles, Gavin is a respected mentor and speaker within the design community. He actively addresses topics such as Impostor Syndrome, the essence of good design, and the intricacies of building effective design teams. His mentorship has benefited designers from various backgrounds, enriching the broader design ecosystem.

As Gavin Elliott joins Scrumconnect, we look forward to the innovative direction he will bring to our projects. His appointment not only strengthens our design capabilities but also underscores our commitment to investing in and showcasing talent from the North. Please join me in welcoming Gavin to our team. We are eager to embark on this exciting new chapter together, driven by design excellence and regional growth.