Scrumconnect India chapter

Scrumconnect India chapter

Scrumconnect's New Era in Bengaluru: Expanding Horizons and Empowering Communities

A Milestone in Scrumconnect's Journey

We are excited to announce a significant leap in Scrumconnect Consulting's journey: the opening of our new office in the bustling heart of Bengaluru city centre, located on Queen's Road. This move marks the beginning of an ambitious phase in our company's growth, reflecting our commitment to not just innovation, but also community and economic development.

Chandru Iyer's Inaugural Blessings

The inauguration of our Bengaluru office was graced by Chandru Iyer, the British Deputy High Commissioner to Karnataka and Kerala. His words, "Great to see Scrumconnect Consulting opening an office in India with a vision to grow towards 1000 people. I want more British SMEs to do more business with India and have global aspirations,” perfectly encapsulate our vision for this expansion.

Impacting Lives and Creating Jobs

Our new Bengaluru base is not just an office; it's a commitment to creating 100 new jobs in India, injecting £20 million into the local economy over the next four years. This expansion is part of our wider plan to grow from 300 to 1,000 people within four years, with a significant focus on bolstering our presence in the North of England.

Scrumconnect Consulting has been instrumental in supporting 16 of the Central Digital & Data Office’s (CDDO) top 75 government services. Our user-centred, outcome-based approach in designing digital services has been pivotal in transforming public sector services, impacting over 50 million UK citizens. From digitally processing court cases to managing state pension details, our work is making a tangible difference in people's lives.

Beyond Digital Services

Our CEO, Praveen Karadiguddi, emphasizes, “We look forward to continuing to support the public sector’s move away from expensive legacy systems to user-friendly digital technology. In the last 24 months alone, our approach has transformed more than 64 public sector services, making a significant impact on the daily lives of UK citizens.”

About Scrumconnect Consulting

Scrumconnect Consulting is a leading UK digital technology company committed to enhancing public
sector services by making digital easy to use for all citizens. With a dedicated team of experienced
consultants, the firm offers full lifecycle development and support of customised digital services,
ensuring excellence, efficiency and public benefit.