Empowering Women at Scrumconnect Consulting: A Celebration of Achievement and Unity

Empowering Women at Scrumconnect Consulting: A Celebration of Achievement and Unity


At Scrumconnect Limited, we understand the importance of celebrating Women's Day and recognizing the invaluable contributions of women within our organization. This year, we organized an engaging Women's Day event at the stylish Dishoom Restaurant, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie among our female colleagues.

Purpose and Setting

As a remote working organization, staying connected can be a challenge. Our Women's Day celebration aimed to bring together all the women at Scrumconnect Limited, providing an opportunity to socialize, bond, and share experiences while enjoying a delightful lunch at Dishoom Restaurant.

Ice-Breaker and Team-Building Activities

The event began with an ice-breaker game designed to help attendees get to know one another better and break down barriers. This engaging activity set a positive tone for the rest of the celebration. Following the ice-breaker, we participated in team-building exercises that promoted collaboration, teamwork, and strengthened relationships among colleagues.

Insightful Discussions and Shared Experiences

The celebration featured open and fun discussions on topics such as work-life balance, career development, and challenges faced by women in the workplace. These conversations offered a platform for sharing experiences, learning from one another, and discovering new perspectives.

Socializing and Celebrating Achievements

The highlight of our Women's Day event was the opportunity to socialize and connect with all the women at Scrumconnect Limited. Building meaningful connections can be challenging in a remote work environment, so it was a pleasure to bond with one another over lunch and celebrate our collective achievements.

Conclusion and Future Endeavors

The Women's Day celebration at Scrumconnect Limited was a resounding success, emphasizing the recognition and appreciation of women's contributions within our organization while fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie. The ice-breaker events, engaging discussions, team-building activities, and socializing provided a valuable platform for learning, forming stronger relationships, and working together more effectively. We eagerly anticipate more such events in the future, as we continue to celebrate and empower the women who contribute to our organization's success.