Why we love working in Public sector space

Why we love working in Public sector space

People ask us why do we work in the public sector space?

Some of the reasons

  • We love making difference to people’s lives by building better services that people use
  • Services we work on use design thinking approach-

To reflect our ongoing learning, we constantly have evolving roadmap influenced by and regularly changed based on our interactions with users and potential users of the service. Where we established a need, user stories would be written and rough prototypes would be refined and refined again, leading to designs we could then implement for real.

Before we commit to building the service, we understand the problem that needs to be solved. In Alpha – we build prototypes of service, test prototypes with users and demonstrate that the service we want to build is technically possible. In Beta- we build a working version of the service based on our alpha prototypes. The version we build will handle real transactions and work at scale

  • We get to use open source and modern tech stack Node, AWS, Azure, Kubernetes.
  • Reach of our services is phenomenal.. touching around 40% of the UK population and services we have built are paying in billions.

We are currently working on key national infrastructure projects in the UK.

1. Services in DWP accessed by over 18 million citizens and paying around 5-6bn combined amount to a wide range of citizens to transform the citizen’s digital journey for pre-retirement, state pension, pension credit, bereavement and care)
2. Working on services that enable the Ministry of justice- criminal justice system – CJS and agencies be more efficient and deliver a better service. For the first time, criminal case information will be kept together in one place.
3. Working on key services in HMPO dealing with passports

4. Working on award winning services Apply for help arranging child maintenance Service – dealing with vulnerable users and feeding into needs to apply for service safely and quickly.
5. Working with Home Office Brexit projects
6. Helping Education skills funding agency on part of Data Science services undergoing a digital transformation of services paying in billions.

On the onward journey to deliver better services used by millions. …