Self-care space for wellbeing

Self-care space for wellbeing

This is the strangest of times and working from home, for many of us blurred work-home boundaries means it can be harder to switch off at times, leaving us feeling a little adrift and tired at times.
Our head of UX Nel Mathams offered a self-care space for your wellbeing. We did a half-day leadership life coaching workshop with our permanent members.

It was a brilliant session and well received by our permanent people.

Some tips by Nel,

Most importantly, anytime you feel even a slight sense of overwhelm, breathe in through your nose, hold and then breathe out through your nose. Breathe down into your belly and when you breathe out - empty your lungs as best you can. Do it nice and slowly.Keep a note of times in the day when you need to pause. Start to become aware of what happens just before.