Promotion Mahesh Subramanian as Scrumconnect CTO

Promotion Mahesh Subramanian as Scrumconnect CTO

We are delighted to announce the promotion of Mahesh Subramanian as Scrumconnect CTO.  Mahesh joined Scrumconnect in November 2019 as a Tech Lead and soon progressed to Principal Technical Lead providing direction, guidance, and mentoring to a large team at the client site. This is a natural progression for Mahesh, given his broad technical expertise and his ability to build relationships across all levels with the team both within Scrumconnect and the client (Ministry of Justice).  He has proved that he is the right person for the role.

“I am really excited to take on the role of CTO at Scrumconnect which is growing at a tremendous pace.  There is a strong desire at Scrumconnect to build technical excellence into its DNA.  I have worked extensively as a technology consultant across industries and in senior management roles helping shape the vision, culture, and technology needs of the client/company. I hope to bring all my past experiences together to deliver on the vision of the CEO”. –  Mahesh Subramanian – CTO Scrumconnect

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Mark Hunter for all his hard work and dedication during his time at Scrumconnect.  Mark played a pivotal role in winning the MoJ bid and worked effortlessly in making sure that he got the right candidates for the roles.  We will miss his hard work and what the team likes to call ‘the Mark Hunter show’.  Mark will still be a part of the Scrumconnect Advisory Board.

“When I got the offer of a new role I spent a long time thinking about whether or not leaving Scrumconnect Consulting was the right decision.  I know that I will be leaving behind an extremely talented workforce with a strong future ahead of them.  Thankfully though, I’m not completely leaving the company.  I will still be involved on the Advisory Committee, so I’ll still be able to keep my fingers on the pulse.

Bringing 53 Senior Developers / Tech Leads onto a large scale Government project was a great experience.  Ensuring that everyone had all the knowledge and experience required and helping them push the learning envelope and hit the ground running was fun.  I can honestly say that I have made a lot of new friends and learnt a few words in Turkish to put a smile on the faces of those who can bare to listen to me.

I will definitely value my time working with Praveen, Shilpa, and Natalie-Rose and am very grateful for the opportunity of working with such high calibre developers”. Mark Hunter