Positively impacting more than 40m UK citizens

Positively impacting more than 40m UK citizens

Working with our public sector clients to positively impact more than 40m UK citizens.

Harnessing our skills within user research, Scrumconnect and the Department for Work and Pensions have come together to test the DWP "Shared channels" strategy.

Working over multiple streams with 5 cohorts, each testing a specific hypothesis, Scrumconnect has leveraged current and innovative methodologies to rigorously test the DWP strategy.

Scrumconnect is directly involved with the cutting edge of digital transformation within DWP and in doing so are positively impacting over 40 million UK citizens.

Client feedback

"It was a pleasure working with you. you have left a legacy (best Discovery pack in Digital) and have helped us get to a great place.
As you say, this has the potential to change the lives of many and I am glad that you are proud to have played a part."

One of the core principles at Scrumconnect is to work on projects that innovate and help society, the DWP Shared Channel project is just one of many that Scrumconnect has chosen to be involved in.