Management visits ESFA-DfE

Management visits ESFA-DfE

Scrumconnect management team recently visited our project team working at ESFA- Department of Education, Coventry for the annual get-together. The management team interacted with Dfe Stakeholders and discussed how the team was delivering and how Scrumconnect capabilities would help Dfe. The client praised our team were everyone delivers beyond their role and expectations.

During the visit, the management team had open conversations with the team members on

  • How the year was- what went good, what was bad  
  • How Scrumconnect has made difference to client
  • What value/milestones we have delivered to client
  • What different can we do for next year

The concerns which the team raised were discussed and a combined approach to solve it was determined.

Based on our interactions with clients and our team, we found the essence of how a best team can be . The following were the key highlights we observed which was in line with Scrumconnect core values.

Understanding the difference between accountability and responsibility

The team felt  responsible for the outcome. In the this team, though they were specific individuals accountable for different aspects, the finish line is normally crossed by sharing and cross pollination of ideas and methods by each team member

Pride in the work being done

The team finds meaning and understands the impacts to UK citizens  in the work they do. They see progress and consistent engagement and feedback coming in from the stakeholders and users. The team constantly seeked feedback from users, stakeholders and accepted the changes to the work as needed. They saw themselves as contributors rather than task finishers.

Some of the best practices this team followed are

  • They have regular catch ups as a team
  • The team is ready to huddle/swarm to resolve urgent issues
  • The team does not wait for a specific person to act on urgent issues
  • Everyone in the team is comfortable voicing their opinion
  • They strive to reduce feedback cycles
  • They understand the product and the users
  • They hold each other responsible
  • They are open and honest in retrospectives
  • They help each other

Contributions was recognised by giving gifts and rewards to the performers

We winded off for the day by enjoying Axe throwing and Augmented darts at Boom Battle Bar and the undisputed winners were Mohan and Karuna with their consistent perfect aims