Making a difference one step at a time

Making a difference one step at a time

Our vision is to have a consultancy where like-minded, passionate people can work, share unique ideas, and bring them to life.

Over the past months, we have seen just that through the hard work and dedication of our consultants.  They have created and delivered some life-changing developments that we have already seen the impact of those developments.

Pension Credit claimants now able to apply online

Our team working with DWP Digital helped to deliver this service benefiting pensioners self-isolating or Shielding during coronavirus pandemic. Within 1 week it achieved a 40% channel shift from telephony to online!

Emergency exit feature

An amazing piece of work, now a design pattern that can be used across government services. The functionality behind the design pattern would allow a user to quickly jump to an ambiguous webpage, such as BBC Weather or another such website, that would not draw attention to browsing habits from a perpetrator. This will really help victims of domestic abuse look for help online and cover their tracks.

This is to name just a few of the life-changing developments the team is working on.  We have built our consultancy on working with people, businesses, and organisations, to create digital products and services that solve the problems of today as well as define the opportunities of the future.