Kickstart Scheme - feature story on Hasnaan Khan: Trainee Finance Assistant

Kickstart Scheme - feature story on Hasnaan Khan: Trainee Finance Assistant
Kickstart Scheme

Scrumconnect Consulting once  want to give back to society and do our part with hiring around 15 young people aged 16-24. We have signed up to the Kickstart scheme by  and Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) to help young people who are currently at risk of long-term unemployment. We will aim to help them get the experience they need and get them ready to work. #kickstartscheme

Across UK we will be helping young people in the following trainee positions

  • Software engineering
  • People and operation
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Content design
  • Testing

We are featuring some of the hired trainee stories:

Hasnaan Khan: Trainee Finance Assistant

​​How are you finding working at Scrumconnect Consulting and its culture?


I am enjoying my time with Scrumconnect Consulting so far. Being able to learn a range of different concepts. Working in a positive environment. They have provided an inclusive culture where I feel welcome. They are always there to help should I require any assistance.


Any feedback on the work you are involved in?


I am currently working as a Trainee Finance Assistant where I keep track of employee contracts and I am learning how to process invoices. Daily catch ups on Google Meet provides me with the exposure to learn of senior management.


Daily team meetings: In these meetings, we discuss the tasks for the day, what everyone is working on and the goals to be achieved.

Field that you may want to prosper in?


The field I would like to prosper in would be in Finance. Becoming a Financial analyst. Working in financial reporting and looking at the various financial statements.


Future opportunities – what are you looking for from this opportunity?


I am excited by the opportunity to develop my skills and learn the key business and management skills to become a future business leader. I believe that by working with Scrumconnect Ltd I will be able to train and progress within the firm whilst working with colleagues who are team oriented and share my hard working ethic.

About us: we are an award winning Technology consulting firm growing at rapid pace with focus on user needs at the heart. 60% of our new clients clients coming through referral clients who are happy with our work. We use hyperproductive pre selected teams who have worked together and focus on solving client problems from day one, accelerate digital delivery by building both better products/services AND stronger teams.