Appointment of Matt Billings as Head of BA

Appointment of Matt Billings as Head of BA

We are pleased to have Matthew Billings officially join us as Head of BA at Scrumconnect Consulting.

Matthew Billings on his appointment said - " I am really looking forward to working alongside such a talented and enthusiastic community of BAs and POs.

This is a great opportunity to be able to contribute to Scrumconnect, and its burgeoning community of professionals that put the customer and user needs at the heart of everything they do.
Our CEO Praveen Karadiguddi said. "I have known Matt for over 5 years in different capacities- BA, PO, coach. And I have seen his work first hand at MOJ and HMPO.

We are in Unique position of having 30+ BA/PO people under one umbrella.
Matt and Mark will help us in building a thriving community working across different clients in the UK.``

Our head of Products Mark Duncan said “It’s great to be working with Matt, he brings knowledge and energy to Scrumconnect. Our Product Manager and Business Analysis communities will go from strength to strength with Matts’s involvement, so the services we offer and the outcomes we deliver will raise the bar even higher, meaning greater value for clients.“